An internal application to manage a weekly delivery schedule

Post Status: in-progress

Problem Statement

Every week an administrator must create a schedule for delivery drivers. Then use some of the same fields (name, venue, room, cake stand, date) to create a shipping slip label, as well as manage the shipping route(s) by manually entering the address/venue into Google Maps.

Product Vision / Goals

To create an application that increases the workflow efficiency of weekly administration work associated with managing the delivery schedule and routes for each delivery driver by decreasing the time on task.


As the Admin user, I want to be able to:

  • add/edit/remove items to a delivery schedule
  • save the list
    • save should autosave as I work
  • enter the relevent details required to fullfil the delivery: date/name/venue/room/address/reception time/delivery time/cake stand
  • sort the list base on
    • location
    • delivery time
    • some external logic
  • print a master list
  • segment the list for 2 delivery drivers
  • print any segmented list
  • print a delivery label for the cake box as well as cake stand
  • see location on a map based on
    • venue name
    • address

The Solution

I Do! Delivery Application

Status: beta

Launch of the product will coincide with the approval of the UI design, and some minor bug fixes1, no major changes are planned for v1.

1 update <input> to <textarea> to allow the text to drop to 2 lines

Success Metrics

Successfully decrease weekly administration time by 84% and saving x% salary per month

Roadmap / Product Improvements / Prioritized Requirements

BETA in-progress:

  1. UI Design
  2. update <input> to <textarea> to allow the text to drop to 2 lines
  3. add new field: extra
  4. set up a subdomain for v1 launch

Open Items

Following release of v1


  • Add ability to create a 'route' through Google Maps API
  • Move Application behind a login screen
  • Recode into Reactjs (personal improvement opportunity)
  • Auto organize based on 'delivery time'