The I Do! Cake Designer is a value-add for clients of I Do! Wedding Cakes.

Post Status: in-progress


A Segment of clients weren't able to properly describe their wedding cake style/colour/design to the cake designer(s).


  • Application is only available to clients
    • user accounts assigned by admin team
  • Application should allow the user to save cake images from the design
    • limit of 3 - not to many
  • Application will live on its own domain, to coincide with a campaign launch to show unique value proposition
    • "check out this totally cool application over there that you only get to play with if you order with us"
  • Not mobile friendly - as yet, there has been no feedback that this is a requirement

The Solution

I Do! Cake Designer

status: live v1

Success Metrics

As this application is a value-add for purchasing a wedding cake and usage is included with the purchase. Our primary metric is whether the end user is able to easily create a custom cake design, save the image and send it to the cake designers.

The primary goal is to demonstrate a ROI by increasing the average order value of a wedding cake order, as well as decrease the amount of administration time a cake designer has to email/design/get approvals for the wedding cake design.

65% of clients over a 2 year span (system paused due to pandemic lockdown) have used the application with a 99.9% success rate

Increase the Average Order Value by 12% by decreased the Average Administration Resolution Time per order by 75% and improving user happiness by 100%

User Feedback

99.9% customer satisfaction based on feedback: easy to use, some learning curve, but system is quite intuitive

50% of users used 2 save slots, 30% used 1, and 20% required all 3 slots.

Roadmap / Product Improvements

  • Move to new server with a SSL certificate [priority:5]
  • Create new assets to reflect new designs/design elements [priority:2]